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Many people experiencing hypnotherapy for the first time are a little apprehensive about what to expect in a session and that is perfectly normal. Here is what to expect.

Initial Consultation

I will introduce myself and we will spend some time getting to know each other. We will discuss what you want to achieve from therapy. I will note down some general background and medical information.

I will then explain to you how your brain works and how we use hypnosis to help us move forward. These explanations form the foundations for all that we will do as we go forward. You will be introduced to simple tools and techniques that you can start to use straight away to start making really positive steps to achieving your goals. It is amazing how many of my clients find this session enlightening and rewarding. At the end of the initial consultation I will give you a mp3 to listen to each night before you go to bed which will help with the process.

Subsequent Sessions – 50 Minutes

The first half of the session is spent helping you focus on what you want to achieve. This is called brain based theory and involves understanding how the brain works. It is at this stage you will set a goal to work towards between sessions. This therapy relies upon you being fully committed to change. I will do my very bust to facilitate change and give you a helping hand but ultimately your success will depend on your commitment. Change can be difficult for reasons I will explain but with commitment progress will be made and quickly. The second part of the session is conducted with you on the couch. I will put you into hypnosis and use a combination of relaxation and positive suggestion to begin creating and modifying the neural pathways in the brain. This helps you to start moving forward in your life. Clients really look forward to going into hypnosis as it is really enjoyable.

On the couch I will put a blanket over you and play some music to help go into hypnosis. Most people close their eyes but the great thing is you can do whatever is comfortable for you.

Modern understandings of the brain tell us that you don't need to go deep into hypnosis, so you will be aware of everything that is going on and will be totally in control. If you have ever driven home and not remembered the journey or been out for a walk and not remembered it, it is because you were in a trance, so it is entirely natural. In fact, scientists tell us most people go into trance once every seven minutes. We will do about 25 minutes of hypnosis work before finishing off the session.

You will leave feeling more positive and very relaxed.

Life can be better

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